Dodoma CSOs network happy to have contributed to peace during and after elections


The NGO Network for Dodoma (NGONEDO) is proud to have successfully implemented a peace maintenance dialogue that has seen people from various walks of life in Dodoma region maintaining peace during and after the 2015 general elections.

The peace maintenance dialogue implemented by NGONEDO aimed at advocating for peace maintenance before, during and after the elections, and was funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) where different stakeholders participated. The dialogues brought together representatives from the Police force, religious institutions, returning officers as well as the general citizens.

Speaking on the success of the FCS funded project, the Executive Director of NGONEDO, Mr. Edward Mbogo, said they feel so much honored to be part of enhancing peaceful, democratic and fair elections, as well as raising citizens’ awareness on the importance of maintaining peace throughout this democratic process.

“We have successfully been able to make people aware of the importance of maintaining peace as well as the consequences that may occur after peace has been violated. All this has helped citizens to take home the message back to their communities for peaceful coexistence,” added Mbogo.

“One among the most controversial issue during the general elections was the legal dispute demanding citizens to stay 200 metres away from the polling stations after voting. But following the peace maintenance dialogue conducted by NGONEDO in collaboration with the Police Force and other stakeholders, the voters acted maturely and observed the ruling,” said a senior police official in Dodoma known as Mr. Sizzya.

A member of NGONEDO, Mr. Hassan Hussein from Chama cha Watu wenye Ulemavu (CHAWATA) Dodoma said, “the elections went so peacefully and as for us people with disability were able to participated well. Our special needs were considered and there were no hiccups observed in our group. Thanks to the peace maintenance dialogues, among other efforts.”