FCS grantees’ voter education yield results


Now that Tanzania has peacefully conducted its 5th General Elections slated for 25 October 2015, more attribution to this safe transition rests on the courtesy of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in the provision of civic and voter education to citizens in different parts of the country.

Despite a collective involvement of various stakeholders, for its part the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) was in the support of over 100 CSOs that in turn provided civic and voter education to the citizens on what to do, and how to behave in the entire electoral process.

One of them was the Paralegal Aid Scheme for Women and Children (PASWCI) based in Tanga region who, through funds from the FCS, were tasked to provide voter education in Pangani District - like several others in different parts of the country.

As such, immediately after the general elections, PASWCI carried out an evaluation exercise to all the areas in Pangani district where education was disseminated. 

“After the election, we interviewed a section of citizens who were involved in the voting exercise to find out whether our mission had, or didn’t have an impact on the entire process i.e from voter registration to the actual polling,” said Deborah.

She explained that prior to the education availed by the CSO most of the electorates confessed to have limited knowledge on procedures and regulations regarding the electoral process.

For her part a resident of Pangani East, Ms. Mwantumu Juma, spoke highly of the education and said; “Before the education, most of us knew very little on what to do, or not to do throughout the entire electoral process.” Also, an official at Mwera district said following the education given by PASWCI the election attracted a larger voter turn out and all was so peaceful at their polling stations.

“What happened at the polling stations was that people casted their votes peacefully and left the centers,” asserted another resident from Mwera district village, Amri Shule.

Those who attended the seminar provided by PASWCI said that the education given to them helped them disseminate it to others on what is expected during the entire election period.

“After the training we were able to share the knowledge given and conducted house to house meetings on what is needed during and after the elections,” said Omari Tuwa, a resident of Gombero, in Maramba division.

PASWICI executive director, Ms. Deborah Daffa said the voter education was provided in four wards of Pangani district where civic education was considered lacking. The wards are Pangani East, Pangani West, Mwera and Tungamaa. 

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