CHAWATA want end of stigmatization among people with disabilities


Society has been urged not to hide People with Disabilities (DWPs) and if they are unable to provide the necessary support and care to the latter the best option is to refer them to responsible care centres.

Secretary of Chama cha Watu wenye Ulemavu Tanzania (CHAWATA) in Mwanza region, Vincent Ludomya, says different stakeholders including local government officials from the village level are obliged to understand the challenges faced by DWPs and be ready to provide them with the necessary support.

CHAWATA is a national umbrella organisation for people with disabilities and for a couple of years it has been receiving funds from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) to implement various projects related to the protection of the rights and engagement of people with disability on policy issues.

Ludomya says a recent research study conducted by guest researchers in association with CHAWATA has discovered that most DWPs hail from relatively poor communities.
He says, poor communities are at a higher risk of giving birth to children with disabilities such as those with mental health challenges, bowlegs and other disabilities – to the extent that the low level of household incomes leads to failure in even sending the children to hospitals for early postnatal care.

He however mentioned some of the factors leading to various forms of disabilities, including drug abuse among partners, smoking, genetic hereditary diseases as well as possession of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among expectant mothers.

Ludomya however said statistics show that between 2009 to 2014 more than 216 children from different parts of Mwanza have been reported to DWPs centers.

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