Youths’ jewelry making turns wastes into wealth


Over 30 youths in Tandale and Mwananyamala wards in Kinondoni district, Dar es Salaam region are increasingly becoming self-reliant through jewelry making done by recycling some waste products such as water bottles, papers, sawdust. Thanks to an intensive entrepreneurship and business skills training extended to them by a local organisation, the International Youth Development Program (IYDP).

Before indulging in jewelry making and other entrepreneurial skills facilitated through the Youth-to-Youth entrepreneurship fund that is coordinated by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) with the support from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the youths in the area had been battling with an acute unemployment challenges that had just rendered many of them jobless.

Nassoro Mgeni (16) one of the beneficiaries of the project says: “I can make ten products per day which I sell TZS 500 each with an average of TZS 5,000 per week. For me this is a lot of money to cater for my personal needs and sometimes I buy breakfast for my family. I no longer bother my parents asking for petty cash.

“I am happy to say that I now feel more different from other youths in my area. I also teach my fellow youths to acquire the skills that I have got,” adds Mgeni who is a standard seven leaver.

Another beneficiary of the project, Wema Makundi says before joining entrepreneurship training at IYDP she was lying idle at home but after the training on making jewelry, briquettes, decorations, soaps, bracelets, she is able to earn up to TZS 10,000 a day. Multi-tasking has also landed Wema a permanent slot at the IYPD as a person in charge of the Youths Entrepreneurship Facility project.

Thus, apart from being an enabler of income generation to the youths in Kinondoni area the IYDP has in turn played a pivotal role in conserving the environment by turning wastes into wealth.

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