Citizens sensitized on the importance of writing will


A call has been made to sensitize communities to understand the importance of writing wills so as to counter the wave of women and children rights abuse related to property inheritance.

The call was made recently in Korogwe district by the program coordinator of a civil society organisation in Tanga region, Women Wake Up (WOWAP) Neema Mwanga when speaking to 40 paralegals at a workshop aimed at sensitizing the community on legal procedures related to writing wills.

She said after implementation of the one-year project funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) they have noted some significant successes in the handling of land disputes, especially those related to inheritance.

“Given the current situation now there is a dire need for the entire community, especially heads of the families, to be sensitized on issues around writing wills so as to minimize chances of conflicts related to inheritance,” she said.

The paralegals were selected by the people themselves from their communities so as to receive further training and eventually assist in handling family disputes that often occur after the death of a proprietor.


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