Citizens of Mkuranga urged to participate in village meetings


Citizens in rural areas have been challenged to take full advantage of participating in village meetings as a means through which they can be able to influence development processes at village and ward level.

Apart from this, it has been noted that limited knowledge among citizens in rural areas, is a key factor behind poor attendance in village meetings.

This unfolded in mid March during a capacity building training to the citizens of Mkuranga, village leaders, smallholder farmers as well as ward officers - conducted by a network of farmers in Mkuranga (MVIWATA) through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

While opening the training, Sada Mwaruka, who is the Executive Director of Mkuranga District, Coast Region urged participants of the training to make maximum use of village meetings as a means to increase their knowledge and even disseminate the best practices to others.

“If village leaders do not hold regular meetings, then they should know that they are denying citizens the opportunity of discussing issues of their development, and/or even identify priorities that can resolve their grievances.

“Village leaders have a mandate of calling meetings, and more importantly, make sure that citizens get an opportunity to see periodic accounts of revenue and expenditures in their localities and discuss on them – in accordance with the Local Government Authority (LGA) laws and procedures,” said Mwaruka.