CSO boosts capacity to shield women from HIV/AIDS scourge


Tunaweza Women Group is one of the numerous civil society organisations that focuses on revitalizing the lives of youths, women and other people who are HIV-infected.

The organisation based in Temeke District of Dar es Salaam organises several types of courses that empower the participants to liberate themselves economically and lead decent lives.
Leaders of the group had thought it wise to undertake a capacity building course that would help them improve their day-to-day operations. The Foundation for Civil Society extended a grant to facilitate the training.  

The treasurer of the group, Ariziki Mtambalike, recalls: “Prior to undertaking the training, we used to run the organisation in an overly local manner. We are now conducting our operations in a more professional style.”

“We also used to wait for a problem to occur so as to spring into action. We now realize that the task of a leader is not only to solve problems but also follow up our clients,” Mtambalike says.
Tunaweza Women Group has earmarked Saturday as a day when women meet to discuss various issues and work challenges. 

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