FCS facilitates launch of CSOs manifesto ahead of October elections

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has facilitated the launch of the Tanzania Civil Society (CSOs) manifesto ahead of the October 2015 General elections, such that during the event all political parties taking place in the current electoral process were called upon to refrain from use of provocative language that could jeopardize peace and stability in the country.

Launch of the CSOs manifesto has arrived after the core document writing exercise - kindly supported by the FCS – and was launched on September 6 by the Chairman of the Commission of Human Rights and Good Governance, Mr. Bahame Nyanduga. During the event he said as the country heads into the October General Elections, all political parties have a key role to promote their manifestos, and above all refrain from use of provocative language. He said such utterances are unhealthy to the real democratic pillars.

Mr Nyanduga mentioned some of the uncalled for utterances, such as “...We will win the election at 10am”, and “...The Hand of God Goal”.

He said state apparatus like the Police have to fulfill their responsibility of protecting all citizens during the entire democratic process, without using any sort of excessive forces, so that everyone is able to participate in the process peacefully.

Mr Nyanduga also said Tanzania is among countries that have already ratified the International Criminal Court (ICC) statute, therefore for all individuals that will participate in acts of bleaching peace will be dealt with the ICC.

Citizens were also called upon to exercise the highest degree of tolerance during the entire election process without mocking other opposing political parties, destroying their fellows’ placards since doing so is not embedded in acts of democratic maturity.