Capacity Development

Capacity Development for CSOs

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) empowers the Tanzania civil society sector through enhanced technical and institutional capacity of CSOs/grantees; supporting initiatives geared towards creating conducive environment for constructive dialogues between CSOs, Members of Parliament/Members of House of Representatives, Government, Private Sector and Development Partners; and contribute to the improvement of civil society sector’s image.

1.  Capacity development and Training
     Grant Management Training
Manage Your Grant Training (MYG) is a mandatory training for all new grantees of the Foundation. The training is designed to ensure enhanced CSOs capacity to manage project implementation, grant, as well as tracking and reporting of results and outcomes of projects to be implemented. It also exposes the grantees to contractual obligations with regard to the project implementation and management of funds.

    Tailor-Made Trainings and Peer learning sessions
These are need-based customized trainings to CSO geared to enhance organisational systems and procedures, managerial and governance as well as technical capacities of CSOs so that they can effectively engage in change processes. Tailor-made training are used to address capacity gaps emerging from training needs assessment, support/monitoring visits.
Support Organisation development processes
Under this activity FCS support CSOs in organisational development processes such as strategic planning and formulation of governance policies and guidelines.


    Organisational Capacity Assessment
Organization Capacity Assessment is the intervention that facilitates CSOs to be consciously aware of Organisational Strengths and Weaknesses. The processes enable CSOs to identify capacity gaps and work on areas that need immediate improvement through various capacity building interventions like coaching, mentoring, provision of technical backstopping.

    Providing technical backstopping to CSOs receiving funds from FCS through support visits
One of the main ways of ensuring that grantees supported by the Foundation achieve their expected outcomes is through providing them with technical backstopping.  This backstopping can be provided through support visits, emails, letters, phone calls, SMS, and face-to-face discussions.

2. Enhancing positive image and accountability of CSOs
    Tanzania CSO Excellence Award
The Foundation organizes Tanzania CSOs Excellence Awards to recognise best performing CSOs.  This is a recognition to award excellence in performance - in terms of impact made to the communities but also internal governance structures and transparency within the sector.  This is done in two levels; first, awards to best grantees of the Foundation and the second is the overall award open to all CSOs in the country.

3. Enhancing networking and linkages within civil society sector and other sectors
To achieve this, the Foundation:
•    Facilitates linkages among Tanzanian CSOs as well as between Tanzanian CSOs, and CSOs from other countries through annual forums, exhibitions and other strategic interventions.
•    Facilitates consultations between CSOs representatives and Members of Parliament, members of the House of the Representatives.
•    Enables CSOs to strategically advance their agenda and sector positions with both the Private and Public Sectors.

4. Research
The Foundation undertakes two types of researches; inward-looking researches aimed at informing FCS in its operations and outward - looking researches that look at the development of Civil Society Sector and linkages between CSOs and other development actors.