About The Foundation

About The Foundation

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) is an independent Tanzania not-for –Profit Development Organization that provides grants and Capacity building services to Tanzania based Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). FCS was registered as legal entity in September 2002 and started its operations in January 2003. It is one of the most prominent and credible civil society institutions in Africa and the largest main sources of finding for Tanzania CSOs.  

FCS aspires to maintain its position as leading financing mechanism for CSOs in Tanzania; and to effectively complement government and Development Partners efforts towards poverty reduction as set out amongst others in Tanzania’s main development frameworks: the Vision 2025 and the Five Years Development Plan 2016-2020.

The FCS enables citizens to become a strong driving force for change in improving the democratic governance of Tanzania, in fighting poverty and in achieving a better quality life for all. The FCS has indeed grown from an idea to a strong institution. Its size and value of grants portfolio has relatively grown overtime. In 2003 the size of grants portfolio stood at 52 grants, worth USD 831,908 up to March 2017, the Foundation has supported over 4,000 Civil Society Organizations with grants worth more than 60 Million Dollars.  

FCS coverage in the country has grown from covering only 14 regions in the year 2003 - to covering all 31 regions of the country - starting from the year 2013 onwards. Our outreach to the rural areas has also increased over time with an increasing percentage of our projects being implemented by organizations in the rural areas or focusing on the rural areas. In the year 2003, only about 15% of our projects focused in the rural areas while until recent the trend has been averaging to over 75%.  

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