FCS conducts Joint Visit in Mwanza

Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) together with Development Partners (DPs) and Government Representatives plans to conduct a Joint Monitoring visit to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) based in Mwanza Region.

The visit will take place on 28th June 2017 and will begin by visiting the Office of the Regional Commissioner of Mwanza and later on visit Wotesawa Young Domestic Workers Organisations. Wotesawa one of FCS grantee implements a project on Developing a Society that is free from Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Harmful Traditions in Mwanza. The project among other things addresses rights for young domestic workers.

 Other organizations which are visited on day one are; Chama Cha Walemavu Tanzania –Ilemela Branch and the Equality for Growth. Chama cha Walemavu Tanzania-Ilemela Brach implements a project on Community Awareness on the Rights of People with Disabilities. This project has enhanced the community on rights of People with Disability and their involvement in development projects.

The Equality for Growth implemented a project on enhancing the role of informal sector in promoting good governance and accountability at local government. This project has increased women participation in market management and leadership in Mwanza Municipality.

On day two the following Organisations are going to be visited: Amani Girls Hope, Ilemela District CSOs Network, and the Kivulini Women’s Rights Organisation. The Amani Girls Hope implements a project on enhancing social accountability and enriched sustainable advancement in Sengerema, through which they have managed to transform the Sengerema District community to practice qualities of good governance through Radio Talk Shows. The Kivulini Women’s Rights Organisation has reached more than 3,490 people (1,665 Male & 1,825 Female) through meetings and dialogues on GBV and the Ilemela District CSOs Network (ILEDISNET) has managed to increase community awareness in attending village meetings in which they get the opportunity to assess public resources expenditures.

The Tanzania League of the Blind - Kwimba will be visited on Day three. The Organisation implements a project on community sensitization on the rights and participation for People with Disability in decision making in public matters.

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