CSO forges cooperation with local stakeholders for own sustainability

Aided with the fundraising skills provided to them by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) the civil society organisation based in Mtwara region, Volunteers for Youth in Health and Development (VOYOHEDE) has succeeded to ensure sustainability of its community home based care & counseling program through cooperating with other wider stakeholders instead of sitting back and wait for the flow of funds from traditional donors.

Sharing the experience in Mtwara during a post-training assessment visit conducted by the FCS in mid March, the General Secretary of VOYOHEDE Mr. Deogratius Makoti said the CSO has been able to sustain its community Home Based Care (HBC) services through volunteerism, which in turn has attracted resources from private pharmacy owners who provided them with medicines and other medical supplies such as thermometers to facilitate their work.

Being fully aware that some traditional donors’ priorities have somehow shifted, Chairman of the organisation Ms. Deo Mtitu said: “Our organisation always puts volunteerism as a bridge to continue implementing our projects with the help of other local stakeholders without much depending on the traditional donors. We have acquired the needed skills through the FCS training and we can now forge ahead to promote sustainability of our work.” 

Ms. Mtitu added: “These FCS fundraising trainings have been so useful on our part as CSOs. They have enabled us to think of other alternative means of getting resources for our own sustainability.”

Apart from the fundraising training the FCS has been providing various tailor-made trainings to CSOs and its members so as to enhance sustainability and promote overall growth of the sector.



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