FCS plans interventions with People with Disability

The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has invited representatives from the Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to identify specific areas of intervention to be funded by the FCS for the coming year.

Speaking at a meeting aimed at aggregating DPOs’ views on key interventions FCS can consider when targeting projects concerning People with Disabilities (PWDs), Mr. Dickson Mveyange, a stakeholder at the meeting, proposed for interventions aimed at creating an inclusive society where PWDs enjoy recognition and equal rights to education, health and other basic social services.

He also proposed more targeted disability awareness campaigns to reduce stigmatization. He also thinks advocacy would be key to awaken PWDs to stand up and add value to the community.

Mr. Luis Benedict from Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) said: “Laws and Policies governing PWDs need to be re-addressed since there still exists some contradictions. Also, there is a strong need for strengthening and building the capacity of DPOs to enhance sustainability and growth, as well as creating good cooperation amongst the organisations.”

Gender and Health matters for PWDs was another focal area for consideration, particularly on issues affecting women and children with disabilities.


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