Long-term FCS grantees want state recognition of persons with disability

The Federation of Tanzania Disabled People’s Organisations (SHIVYAWATA) that has for long-term been funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) have requested the newly elected Tanzania government to include the welfare of persons with disabilities in their list of priorities.

The organisation’s General Secretary, Mr. Felician Mkude, made the remarks at a press briefing ahead of the International Day of Persons with Disability event that was celebrated at national level in Mwanza Region on 3rd December. 

He said: “The government has to make sure it provides enough security to people with disabilities particularly those with albinism whose lives are at risk as they are being hunted down by greedy people for quick but disgraceful financial gain and witchcraft.” 

He also called on the government to adopt strategies that will enable schools with students with disabilities to have friendly infrastructure. They should also have qualified teachers with specialized skills, he said.

For his part, the Director of the Federation Mr. Francis Gugu also called on the government to make sure that PWDs acquire National Insurance Health cards to help them get easy access to health services.

Gugu added that the government should see to it that people with Albinism are supplied with essential aid to support their activities. He also said that cancer patients should get services in district and regional hospitals where skin cancer screening machine should be available.

Speaking on behalf of another long-term FCS grantee, The Tanzania Albino Society (TAS) Mr. Alfred Kapole, who is the TAS - Mwanza regional chairman challenged the government to act tough in advocating for their rights. He particularly asked President, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli to appoint at least three people with disabilities to represent them in the Parliament.

The International Day of Persons with Disability among others aims at helping people with disabilities know the policies, laws and international treaties that govern their welfare. The day also provides an opportunity for them to discuss their challenges and achievements. This year’s theme was “Inclusion Matters, Access and Empowerment for all People with Disabilities”.

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