Citizens of Rufiji called upon to participate in health related plans

Citizens of Mjawa ward in Rufiji district Coast Region have been challenged to participate in development programs under the health sector as well as take initiatives to report on key challenges facing them so as to enable the government and other stakeholders to play their part in resolving their problems.

Speaking at the official opening of a seminar ahead of the implementation of a Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) project in the health sector, Mr. Daudi Said, who is a coordinator of Chem Chem ya Mabadiliko (Chechema) said the people have the right to make follow-ups on all public related projects, especially on the health sector. 

“The people of Mjawa do not know the importance of participating in these projects, so as to enable those who are responsible to be aware of the challenges facing this sector”, said Saidi.

He said even village leaders are not fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in the public expenditure tracking systems – leading to poor health services in their areas. He said the PETS exercise on health sector will be conducted in five wards of Mjawa for the period of three months and will cost TZS 7 Million, being the funds from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

He further said that Chechema decided to unveil the project following complains that the health services provided in the area were not adequate despite having a dispensary in place. Mr. Saidi added that the dispensary has a big deficiency of diagnostic equipment, medicine and the personnel.

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