People with disability advised not to give up

Some People with Disabilities (PWDs) in Tanzania have been advised to stop begging in the street and instead work to reduce their seemingly poverty situation.
This was said recently during a dialogue that brought together PWDs in Dar es Salaam to discuss rights of PWDs as well as advocacy measures to include PWDs’ rights in the country’s development plans.

Speaking his mind, one participant of the dialogue, Ally Ngurungu said apart from giving views for the new constitution and calling for the protection of rights of PWDs, there is a need for some PWDs to stop begging and look for something to do.
“Amongst us PWDs, there are many individuals who have the ability to do great things in this country, it is better to use our skills and talents so that we can run away from poverty and over dependence.
On her part, Community Social Welfare Officer in Dar es Salaam region, Flora Masue who opened the dialogue, has asked PWDs to make sure that their issues are included in the new constitution.  She said, time has come for PWDs to fight for their rights so as to reduce stigma and to give the group an opportunity to contribute in country.
She also mentioned issued that PWDs should put an equal emphasis for inclusion into the new constitution as: education, health and agriculture.
At a later stage, Secretary of the Association for the PWDs in Dar es Salaam, Mohammed Chazi, heaped praise on the dialogue, which was funded by the Foundation for Civil Society - saying that it would help amplify their voices to concerned authorities.
He said during the period of collecting views of the first draft of the constitution, FCS enabled more than 48,000 PWDs across the country to give their views, and 70% of their views were included in the first draft of the new constitution.

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