Women in Chamwino challenged to wake up

Chamwino Non-Governmental Organisation Network (CHANGONET) has challenged women of Chamwino District in Dodoma region to wake up and contest for various positions in decision-making organs so as to reduce gender inequality in the district.
The remarks were made by Chamwino social welfare officer, Jaina Msangi during a dialogue organized by CHANGONET at Majereko village in mid February. The dialogue dwelt on “equal distribution of public resources based on gender equality”, and was funded by the Foundation for Civil Society.

She said it is better if women contest for various decision-making positions so as to increase their proportion in leadership. “We do not have even a single woman as a leader here, this is not good”, she said.

On her part, District Administrative Officer, Juliana Kilasara, noted that apart from recent efforts done by women to empower themselves, there is also a need for the community to provide opportunities to women for their self-development.

She further that there are still some traditions and customs in the country, which discriminate woman, assuming that woman do not have rights to ownership of resources. 

The three-day dialogue had brought together more than 150 residents of Majereko and provided them with an opportunity to share their views and experiences on equal distribution of public resources based on gender equality.

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