CSOs give voice to the voiceless

Any government that adheres to rule of law and good governance has to embrace the role that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) play in social-economic development of the country.

CSOs are actually an indispensable government partners in the promotion of universal values around human rights, social development and governance.

The Network of CSOs in Ruangwa District (Mmakiru) has proven to be one of umbrella non-governmental organisations that can play a role.

If well utilised, its perspective, expertise and partnership-building capabilities cannot only promote democratic values in the society, but also enhance people’s participation in development of the nation. But the government’s backing is inevitable if it to sustain CSOs activities without heavily relying on donor support.

Above all, most network activities complement the government’s own responsibility to the society.

The Mmakiru network has helped CSOs to join forces in devising strategies, securing funding and executing plans.
It focuses on, but not limited to, education, health, agriculture and social issues.

Mmakiru recently organised three different symposia on writing of a new constitution.

During the symposia, people got an opportunity to comment on the draft new constitution.

The symposia were held in Mbekenyera, Mandawa and Ruangwa wards for people from remote areas, in particular, to also get a say over what they want to appear in the supreme law.The Union structure, administration, judiciary and human rights mainly featured during the dialogue.

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