Women trained on marriage Act

In many communities of Africa, women are subjected to abuse and denial of their rights. The dominant patriarchy system in most of the African societies and the low level of awareness and understanding of human rights are among the factors that contribute to increase the problem. That situation stimulates some civil society organisations to initiate projects to support in community education, awareness creation and capacity building on women rights.

Women of Pera ward in Bagamoyo have been trained on marriage act of 1971 to increase their awareness on women's rights and influence long lasting change.The training which was organized by CHACODE Community Development Organization with the funding from Foundation for Civil Society, also aimed to increase their confident to demand their inheritance rights.

One of the training participants, Hadija Salum confessed that many women in rural areas often lose the right to inherit marital assets upon widowhood which is mainly caused by their lack of information on their rights and inability to access legal services.“Another reason might be poverty, illiteracy, lack of guts and own decision making, together with the total dependence of us to men, this has been a great obstacle towards achieving an equitable and just society,” says Hadija.

Earlier during the opening of the training, social community welfare officer of Bagamoyo, Anthony Nyange advised the organization to use intended fund wisely to educate community especially women on their rights.

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