Govt officials shunning us, people with disability claim

Secretary of the Tanzania Federation of Disabled People's Organisation in Tanzania (SHIVYAWATA) in Mtwara, Abdallah Chiwaula, said some government leaders have been shunning activities that it organized.

He was speaking during belated celebrations to mark the Worlds’ Day for the rights of people with Disabilities held at the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCT) premises recently.

He said the biggest obstacle for the association in implementing disabled people’s activities in the region is the absence of cooperation from the local government leaders. He said this leads the group to fail in efforts to fight for its basic rights.

According to Chiwaula, one of the biggest hurdles that SHIVYAWATA faces in carrying out its activities and safeguarding its members’ rights is lack of cooperation from officials in the village and ward authorities.

However, he said, the association has continued with efforts to ensure that they get the officials’ cooperation. Further, the association makes sure that it is involved in development activities, he said.

“When I look around this room I feel very sad. We invited many local government officials but only a few have turned up. This shows how our local leaders do not appreciate activities done by our associations.”

Speaking at the same occasion, the SHIVYAWATA chairman, Abdallah Mchindula, clarified that:
“Normally these celebrations do take place on December 3 every year but, because of reasons beyond our control, we were forced change it to different date.”

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