Members of Youth Parliament in Tanga claim to have received threats



The youth parliament in Tanga region has claimed that there are some officials in the region that impose threats to its members who work tirelessly to counter citizens’ dissatisfactions towards the realm of accountability.  

The youth parliament members claim that threats from political and local government leaders in the region have been hampering their efforts to expose corruption in development projects under their Social Accountability Monitoring ventures.
These allegations were leveled in early January by ‘Speaker’ of the Youth Parliament, Frank Shempemba, at a meeting with journalists. He said officials who threaten them want the youth MPs to reduce their efforts on exposing corrupt practices that are said to be occurring in different development projects.

 “We are doing a risky job, we can even be subjected to forgery cases and get jailed but we will not surrender our objective of making sure that public funds and resources are used properly”, said Shempemba.

According to him, threats were received from some alleged officials in Bumbuli constituency where more development projects have not fully taken off despite the availability of funds.
He said after receiving complaints from citizens on the dillydallying of development projects at village and ward level, the youth parliament normally forms committees to follow up on the matter. 

The Youth Parliament in Tanga is coordinated by the Tanga Youth Development Association (TAYODEA) through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS). The funded project aims at developing a mechanism for the youths to participate in decision-making processes and ultimately amplify their voices towards development processes.

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