People with disabilities criticize unfriendly infrastructures

Visually impaired persons attending a training workshop in Mwanza early in January have argued that Tanzania has not fully implemented the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that calls on countries to have in place friendly infrastructures for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Notable observations that were alleged in the contravention of the UN Convention included the lack of friendly sidewalks, footpaths and toilets designated for PWDs, such that persons with visual impairments are regarded as worst victims. The training on legal rights to PWDs conducted by Tanzania League of Blind (TLB) Mwanza branch through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society drew a total of 35 visually impaired persons from six districts of Mwanza Region.

Coordinator of Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the organisation, Ms Joyce Charles, said that building planners have not fully considered people with disabilities when designing and building public infrastructures. She called on the government to step up measures and help in changing this anomaly.

 “The government initiative to improve infrastructures countrywide is laudable. But if all people, including persons with disabilities can not benefit from such infrastructure, then development ventures will be incomplete,” said Joyce.

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