Message on the care for the elderly sinks in in Kyela

A campaign waged by our grantee, the Service to Widows, Orphans and the Little Ones (SWOLO) on the welfare of the elderly people in Kyela, Mbeya region seems to have paid off.

 There are a number of developments being reported in line with the care for elderly in the area.

 Revealing some of his organisation’s achievements to participants of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) joint monitoring tour of projects in Kyela district, Mbeya region in the first week of December 2013, chairperson of SWOLO Abel Ambakisye said their key message on calling for the respect and care for the elderly has satisfactorily been understood by the community in the district.

 Talking to participants of the joint tour of projects - comprising of some FCS Board of Directors, the Management and representatives from the FCS Development Partners – Ambakisye said more elderly people have now been identified and helped to get their identity cards ahead of the process towards getting free access to health services.

 He also said the awareness on the 2003 Elderly Act has been instrumental in getting all things done.

 Ambakisye said the citizens of Kyela especially the youth used to offer little support in their campaign but after being involved in the process they now cooperate and have started to bear in mind that they too will one day be ‘senior citizens’ and so they need to make the environment favourable.

 “Our campaign has been able to change the mentality and hence provide due respect and care to the elderly people in the district,” Ambakisye told participants of the FCS joint tour of projects, comprising of Development Partners’ representatives from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Embassy of Norway and the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC).

 Ismail Kazenga (88) in his testimony as one of the beneficiaries of the project in the district said he now feels more secure since he has somewhere to lean on and get the necessary support following a move that saw him identified.

 SWOLO has already identified 13,746 elderly people (8,070 females) since the kick off its campaign in 2009.

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