FCS conducts joint monitoring tour of projects in Mbeya region

The joint monitoring tour of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) projects is under way in Mbeya region from 2-5 December. This time around participants of the joint tour of projects comprise of some FCS Board of Directors, the Management and representatives from the FCS Development Partners. The Development Partners represented are the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Embassy of Norway and the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC).

The joint visit is normally prepared to enable the Development Partners get a feel of projects being implemented by the FCS through their basket funding.

While at Mbeya Non Governental Organisatiom Network (MBENGONET) the team was especially able to hear of examples on how the network has strengthened effective relationship and accountability of government officials to the community especially though dialogues on the constitution review process.

Coordinator of the network, Edson Mwaibanje, also conceded to the visiting team that the civil society organisations in the region were still at infant stage and that their interventions through public dialogues has greatly stimulated their network quest - to embark on searching for further and alternative sources of funding apart from the FCS. The FCS has been the only funding partner to MBEGONET activities since 2006.

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