‘The draft Constitution has left our issues behind’

Farmers and pastoralists at Magole ward, Kilosa district in Morogoro region have received the draft national constitution with growing discontents that the draft document has left most of their key issues of concern behind. They have therefore asked the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) to act on their concerns.

The groups raised their concerns during the new Constitution draft forum, which was organized by Morogoro Environmental Conservation Organization (MOECO).

The draft constitution forum was held in the last week of August through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

The two special groups said that a lot of land conflicts in their area have been occasioned due to poor land ownership policies that are available. Ibrahim Polomoka from Kitete area in the district said farmers and pastoralists are important groups for spearheading development in the country, and it is unfortunate that the draft document did not adequately include their concerns as it should have been.

“Kilosa District is known for time to time conflicts between farmers, pastoralists and investors. The new constitution should tell us exactly how the current trend of land allocations to foreigners will be reviewed in order to end conflicts,” said Polomoka.

Also, other participants of the forum recommended for the new law to address categorically on how they are going to benefit from social security, democracy, distribution of natural resources, and who will be responsible for providing farming inputs and loans. The two special groups said land and its related clauses should be thoroughly provided for in the new constitution to avert any further chances for possible conflicts.

 According to them, land laws that are currently in place should be looked at so that they adequately protect the rights of indigenous Tanzanians.

Also, farmers highlighted that there is a need for the new constitution to stipulate a clause on their freedom so that they can freely sell their produce anywhere they want.

Earlier on before the session, coordinator of the forum, Rajabu Husssein had asked the people of the area to participate effectively in the forum while respecting each other’s opinion so as to arrive at mutual agreement. 




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