CSO empowers children to report acts of child rights abuse


Increased community involvement inspired by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) grantee in Tanga region - the Tanzania Livelihoods Skills Development & Advocacy (TALISDA) - has empowered young children to be able to report any possible acts of child rights abuse, as never before.

The CSO has overseen this empowerment through the formation of child rights groups.

Giving testimonies on the new empowerment, pupils of Kweisewa Primary School who are members of the TALISDA child rights group say they are now proud to be able to report of any child rights abuse acts since the formed groups have given them a new avenue and dimension for their rights. 

Speaking of their club, Rehema Juma, a standard seven pupil from Kweisewa Primary school says: “We as children sometimes encounter a lot of challenges, but don’t have a forum to express independently what might have been facing us. We are now proud to be able to speak out, since we are already aware of our rights and now have a place where we can start reporting such issues.”

She says through the child rights club, the children have had an opportunity to dialogue, and possibly report atrocious issues to their matrons or patrons, who then forward matters of action to the wider local community, which also, has been empowered to ensure child rights protection as per the 2009 Law of Child Act No. 21.