PETS exercise inspires Masasi farmers’ access to input vouchers


On the 8 October participants of the joint monitoring tour of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) projects were informed of achievements made as a result of Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) whereby over 50 farmers from each targeted 58 villages in nine wards of Masasi district, Mtwara region were enabled to transparently access input vouchers for buying fertilizers and other farming inputs, including maize seeds.

Explaining to participants of the joint monitoring tour - comprising of some FCS Board of Directors, the Management and representatives from the FCS Development Partners and the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children - the Rural Oriented Sustainable Development Organisation (ROSDO) John Bakari, said through ward development committees the organisation managed to identify and reach a total of 14,192 citizens in Masasi district - leading to the formation of nine PETS Committees in nine wards.

Giving a detailed account, an agricultural officer at Namanja ward, Salum Natosa, said: “The PETS committees have enabled transparency of the input vouchers distribution. The subsequent farmers’ demand for the display of all information pertaining to who exactly should benefit from the input vouchers in village/ ward noticeboards has in turn compelled the district executive director and other ward agricultural officials to act prudently - with fears that any acts of collusion with the vouchers’ agents might get exposed.”

Thus, through ROSDO, the FCS funded project that is to be implemented up to year 2015 seeks to improve the capacity of citizens in 18 wards of Masasi and Nanyumbu districts, as well as monitor the funding of agriculture sector for improved agricultural development.

Thus, the joint monitoring tour at ROSDO was prepared to enable the Development Partners get a feel of projects being implemented by the FCS through their basket funding.