People of Ruangwa want Tanganyika back


LINDI - The people of Ruangwa District in Lindi region through their district Civil Society Network have suggested taking the country back to the old era of Tanganyika government that ceased to exist when the United Republic of Tanzania was formed in 1964.

The call was made during a forum to discuss the new constitution draft, which was organized by Ruangwa Civil Society Network through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

The people of Ruangwa have said the three-tier government is more ideal in the current situation, such that the Tanganyika government will also have its own president, parliament and other organs.

However, members of the forum suggested eleven Union matters including public service, port, education and National Examination Council and Court of appeal.

Earlier in the meeting which was opened by Chairperson of the network, Lucia Tamba, participants suggested gender aspect to feature prominently in the new constitution including men’s rights.
In another development, it was noted that while young people are increasingly demanding for space to participate in decision making processes in Tanzania, their participation remains low. This is besides having the National Youth Development Policy of 2007, which seeks to increase young people’s participation in the decision making processes.

Thus, members of the forum for the draft constitution in Ruangwa- Lindi have recommended for the new constitution to provide a room for establishment of national youth forum, which will stand for youth issues in the country.

They also suggested that the age limit for a person to contest for Presidential election should be reduced to 36 years in order to provide room for the youth to take part in the process. The group in Ruangwa sees the current constitutional age limit as an obstacle to the youth.

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