10 CSOs in Mchinga prefer a three-tier government system


LINDI - More than 10 CSOs in Mchinga, Lindi region have supported the formation of a three tier-government as proposed in the first draft of the Constitution, saying it will create equality and independence in every part of the Union unlike the current two-tier government system.

This was said by members of CSOs from 16 wards of Mchinga constituency when discussing the draft constitution at a forum, which was organized by Lindi Non government Organization network (LINGONET) in late August through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society.
More than 800 members who attended the meeting, proposed a three-tier governments as a lasting solution towards a strong and stable union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.
Amina Bakari, Abdallah Mohammed and Suleiman Mponda said, believe that more squabbles have taken place to-date because of the current two-tier system. “I support the Warioba commission’s proposal – calling for a three-tier government. I believe such a structure will provide a solution to the challenges we are facing now," said Abdallah.
When discussing article 57 regarding the Union, participants said the three governments proposal was a common factor in many previous commissions, including that of Nyalali (Judge Francis) in 1991 and Kisanga (Judge Robert) in 1998, and now Warioba's commission has proposed the same. This is an indication that there is a point in this suggestion as it keeps cropping up.
They said fears of huge expenses to run three governments from different groups do not hold water, adding that the structure is what matters now - and not the number of governments. They added that if there are to be three governments, they should be named as the United Republic of Tanzania, the Government of Zanzibar and the Government of Tanganyika.

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