The disabled want equality in employment enshrined in new constitution


COAST RAGION - “We would like to see the new constitution providing for equality in employment without segregating people with disability,” started off Francis Ngisso one of the participants during a three-day forum to discuss the new constitution draft in late August, which was organized by Association for People with hearing impairment (Chavita) Mkuranga branch.

He said People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable groups in society. They are often less educated, unemployed and poor. He urged therefore that the new constitution should be able to address these challenges and how they can be resolved.

Ngisso’s view was also shared by a majority of the participants, who underscored the fact that the government’s call to support people with disabilities has been mentioned for ages now - but the problem is little implementation. “Tanzania has adopted a number of charters, policies and standards pertaining to the people with disabilities - including rights to productive and decent work, vocational training and basic services. But with all these we only see very little implementation, we want the new constitution to address all that,” said another participant.

Ngisso said the primary goal should be to promote opportunities for everyone, including people with disabilities, to obtain decent and productive work, based on the principles of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.

Speaking during the forum, Chairman of Chavita- Mkuranga, Khalid Mnyaula said the new constitution should have an article dedicated to the rights of people with disabilities. “Let us be given more chance on employment especially in private sector, so that our skills can also be equally seen. Let the new constitution also pronounce that people with disability have a free access to social services," he said.
Participants of the forum also asked the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) to ensure that inclusion and recognition of basic needs pertaining to people with disability are also given top priority in the new constitution.
The forum at Mkuranga also categorically wanted further advancement of their right to having sign language interpreters while in key public areas (such as in hospitals and schools) – so as to enable them enjoy and access the social services equally. They also said that they have had difficulties in accessing pertinent information about the new constitution because the CRC and the government failed to have sign language interpreters in public forums.
One of the participants observed that many people with hearing impairment could not participate in the constitution review process because of lack of sign language interpreter.

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