‘New Constitution should stop killings of the elderly’


SIMUYU - The killing of elderly people on superstitious beliefs has reached an alarming stage in the district of Busega, prompting residents to propose that the matter should be addressed thoroughly in the new Constitution.

Busega, one of the newly promoted districts in Simiyu Region, is said to have recorded an increase of the elderly deaths from 312 people in 2011 to 642 at the end of last year.

Speaking at a forum to discuss contents of the Draft Constitution at the district headquarters in Nyashimo, members of a civic organisation, Nabroho, and communal elders proposed clarification of Section 47 of the draft on human rights and security of aged residents. “The section doesn’t entirely assure old people of safety and security as citizens. I think the new draft document needs to look into that area more closely,” commented Mr Lutaja Mabelele, a member of communal elders.

Rights for elderly persons and three-tier government issues led to a heated debate among discussants, who came from different parts of the district.

Mr. Pius Gaspar, a teacher at Nyashimo Secondary School, supported the three-tier government proposal arguing that it would help to revive Tanganyika, which somehow became defunct in 1964 following the union with Zanzibar.

“The resurrection of the state of Tanganyika will enable us to respect TANU (the first national party) and the founding father of our nation for fighting colonialism,” he claimed.

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