Tarime forum wants new constitution to categorically protect men


MARA - Participants of the draft constitution forum organised by Association of farmers and Pastoralists (CHAWAMA) at Ingwe ward in Tarime, have recommended the new constitution to put rights of men in order to protect men from various forms of discrimination in their marriages.

The forum, which was organized through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has called upon the new constitution to categorically protect men, as much as it caters for women when it comes to issues of gender-based violence (GBV).
One of the participants and retired councillor of Mriba ward, Abdi Gasaya, said most men in Tanzania are increasingly becoming victims of domestic violence. He went on to say that, there is no article in the Constitution that stipulates their rights as men.
He said, it is high time that men to claim for their rights to be stipulated in the new Constitution.

A resident of Mangucha, Philp Wambura also said: “there is a good number of men who are assaulted by their partners, but they find it difficult to convey the truth since their Constitutional rights are not adequately stipulated as far as GBV is concerned.”
In the end, the forum also conceded to the fact that men also deserve equal protection under the law.
However, the forum supported a three-tier government proposed by the new constitution draft but added that each government should work independently.
Eight Organisations in Mara conducted forums to discuss the new constitution draft through the funding from FCS.

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