Woman wants new constitution to protect men against gender violence


KILIMANJARO - It has been claimed that two out of five gender based violence (GBV) victims are men, hence there is a need to have a clause in the new Constitution that protects them like it does to women.

The claim was made by a woman participant during a forum to review the new constitution draft held in Rombo district organised by a non-governmental organisation called AJIMARO through the funding from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

Giving a point during the forum, Anjela Mwapachu, said most men in Tanzania are victims of domestic violence. She went on to say that, currently there is no article in the Constitution that protects them as their counterparts.

Anjela said, it is high time that men claimed for their rights to be identified in the new Constitution.

She said: “There is a good number of  men who claim to be assaulted by their partners, but they often go silent since the current Constitutional is a bit vague as far as GBV is concerned.”

She said generally an assaulted man tends to feel shy and is more afraid of disclosing that he was once beaten by his wife or girlfriend. She reckons that such a situation may lead to having a good number of men suffering silently.

It was also claimed that when men are assaulted by their partners, they are often ignored by the state machinery such as the police.

Thus it is claimed that men are often treated as "second-class victims" and many police officers as well as councils do not take them seriously.

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