An Informed Public can make difference in the community


The Organization for Youth and Community rights and Development (OYCRD), located in Mkuranga District, with the main objective of improving the quality of life for the youth has been able to make people contribute in change process through information sharing.

Organization which works on informing youth on different issues that hinder their development for them to make difference within their community. Through public expenditure tracking system (PETS) project conducted by OYCRD Organization, it showed that Mkuranga people did not know their health budget, and that they are required to be involved in the budget creating process.

Project worked closely with village health councils, where questionnaires were distributed to the villages, in order to determine their understanding regarding health budgets. And it was found out that many people were not aware of their health budget and they were not involved in its creating process.

Also through workshops conducted by the organizations regarding Public expenditure tracking system, it was proved that the level of understanding on budget procedures among the villagers was very low, for example one of the wards in Mkuranga, Kimanzichana had no health facilities, people had to travel up to 35 km to reach medical assistance, After understanding their role in the budget process people decided to ask for funds for a hospital. Now, as a result of cooperation between the villagers and the local district municipality, a hospital is being constructed.

The Organization for Youth and Community rights and Development (OYCRD) is an organization which was founded in 1999 in Mkuranga, and was fully registered in 2002. It has 38 members within the organization, 12 of which are founding members. The focus is on the Youth of Mkuranga, particularly issues that affect them or hindering their development and progress.

The project was funded by The Foundation for civil society.

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