Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) is an independent Tanzanian Not-For-Profit Development Organization that provides grants and capacity building services to Tanzania based Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). It is currently one of main sources of funding to Tanzanian CSOs - thereby working with citizens to become key driving forces for positive influence of democratic governance in Tanzania and better quality of life for all citizens. FCS is thus an intermediary support mechanism for CSOs in Tanzania and seeks to enable effective engagement of citizens in poverty reduction initiatives in ways that are complementary to government and Development Partners (DPs) efforts towards poverty reduction as set out in Tanzania’s main development frameworks: Vision 2025 and the Five Year Development Plan 2016-2020.


The Foundation is inviting applications from qualified, dynamic and motivated Tanzanians to fill the following vacant position in its offices in Dar es Salaam.  This positions offer an excellent opportunity to work with and learn from civil society organizations from all over the country.


POSITION:                             Finance & Operations Manager


REPORTS TO:                       Executive Director


SUPERVISION:                      Principal Accountant; ICT Officer &

                                                HR & Administrative Officer  



The Finance & Operations Manager is overall responsible for prudent financial management aspects of the Foundation, human resource management, contracts management, ICT and general office administration. He/she oversees these operations of the Organization and is tasked with leading the Foundation overall Financial, Human Resources and ICT strategy. The incumbent works hand in hand with the Business Development Unit in addressing issues related to sustainability and resource mobilization and Program unit in financial Management of the grants. The incumbent manages the development and implementation of the departmental goals, objectives, policies and priorities for each function.




  1. Financial & Grant Management

·       Formulation and implementation of sound financial and accounting policies, procedures and standards to support corporate strategy, including the designing and/reviewing the organization's financial policies, rules and regulations and ensuring that they are being adhered to.

·       Responsible for financial strategic planning of the Organization including: development of annual activity budgets; undertaking cost-benefit analysis of various portfolios; and assessing income generation opportunities.

·       Draft and/or review Organization’s and contracts’ budgets, cash flow projections,  prepare documentation for contract modifications as necessary; monitor the budgets and review programme pipelines monthly, and provide monthly feedback to the management and other departments on the financial status of the budgets.

·       Subject to reporting requirements between FCS and its donors and contractors, develop and oversee systems for reporting on results and finances regularly to meet the requirements in concert with the Executive Director (including monthly expense reports, quarterly financial reports, accrual projections, and other requirements).

·       Managing sub-grantee agreements on financial aspects of the grants and Participate in resource mobilization activities and in drafting new requests for proposals (RFPs).

·       Review/develop and manage the implementation of the financial policies and procedures taking into account donors, contractors and the Government of Tanzania regulations and guidelines.

·       Oversee preparation of financial accounts/statements and ensure that they comply with donor and contracts’ requirements, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA), as well as ensuring tax returns, annual foundation returns, financial/accounting reports and audits are filed to the relevant authorities as required.

·       Coordinate annual audits by external auditors, prepares responses to management letters and present audited financial statements to the Board of Directors for approval before submission to donors and contractors, government authorities and interested parties. Coordinate any financial reviews and audits of FCS by donors, contractors and other interested parties.


  1. Human Resource Management

·       Responsible for HR Development originating and leading FCS’s human resources practices and objectives and promoting employee-oriented and high performance culture by emphasizing quality, productivity and standards and goal attainment.

·       Institute a coordinated approach for business process management of the Foundation  including:  updating and revising human resources manuals and policies, as required, compensation assessment and harmonization, assessment and review of FCS benefits packages, payroll system development.

·       Supervise the preparation of payrolls ensuring they are properly authorized and accounted for, completed on time, and that statutory and other deductions are withheld from employees and remitted properly to the appropriate parties.

·       Manage the recruitment processes of staff at managerial level and above and oversee the recruitment of low cadre staffs. Ensure recruitment procedures are met and managed

·       Monitor the scheduling, efficiency and deliverables of all training for the FCS’s staff and organization.

·       Ensure good employee relations and a safe environment of care for all staff. Where required , manage the disciplinary matter appropriately

  1. Contract Management

·       Ensure consistent management of all proposals and contracts including oversight of the contract management process, as well as development of specific standards for bidding and submission, contract negotiations and document management in line with the FCS’s procurement guidelines

·       Review procurement documents and provide approval for compliance and financial availability.

·       Review of the procurement procedure of the Foundations to ensure relevance to the guidelines at all times.


  1. General Office Administration

• Work with Executive Director and other department units to efficiently and effectively manage and safeguard resources and assets of the organization including their disposal and/or de-recognition.





Academic and/or Professional Qualifications & Experience


·       CPA (T) holder or its equivalent & Masters in a business related field, finance or an equivalent combination of education and experience.Five years of relevant experience from reputable organisations.Experience working with donor -funded projects is an added advantage.



·       Skills in developing and formulating strategy. Thorough knowledge of accounting regulations and practices.

·       Demonstrated experience providing reliable and accurate financial information. Knowledge of financial and accounting systems and proficiency in accounting packages. Analytical and problem solving skills.

·       Strong organizational skills to include task and time management, multi-tasking, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines. Good leadership and coaching skills. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact positively with staff members across departments.


How to Apply for the Position

Please submit your applications by enclosing;

(i)             Application Letter

(ii)            Detailed CV

(iii)           Certified copies of Academic certificates

(iv)           Names and addresses of three referees


Applications in hard copies or electronic copies shall be submitted to;

            Executive Director

            Foundation for Civil Society

            7 Madai Crescent, Ada Estate, Plot No.152

P.O.Box 7192
Dar es Salaam.   Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The deadline for submission is Thursday, 1st March 2018, at 15:00hrs. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Only shortlisted applicants will be called for interviews.


The Foundation has zero tolerance to bribery and corruption. We are committed to Gender Equality and Diversity.

The Foundation is also an equal opportunity employer and therefore all applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetics, disability and age.




I would like to take this opportunity to inform all FCS stakeholders that Mrs Margareth Chacha has resigned from serving as a Board Member and Chairperson of the Foundation for Civil Society with effect from 9th February 2018.

When Members are appointing Board Members, they always look at the right mix of skills and experience for effective oversight of the organisation.  Mrs Chacha was appointed to serve the Board in 15th October 2015 in her individual capacity and on the strength of her previous experience in private sector and women empowerment.  On 29th September 2017 she was appointed as Chairperson to replace the outgoing Chairperson Prof Honest Ngowi.

Following this resignation, Mr. Sosthenes Sambua is appointed to be an interim Board Chairperson until the Members Meet at the Annual General Meeting which is planned for 12th July 2018.  Mr. Sambua has been serving at the Board since 1st October 2016. He is well versed in duties and roles of the Board in governing the institution hence I am confident he will provide good leadership to the Board.

I further would like to assure all our stakeholders that these changes will not in any way affect the work of Foundation for Civil Society. We will continue to uphold the highest professional standards of leadership in delivering FCS’s mission and vision and its constituency.


Dr Stigmata Tenga


Foundation for Civil Society


Desemba 15, 2017


Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) ni asasi huru iliyoanzishwa kama taasisi ya kimaendeleo isiyogawana faida, inayotoa ruzuku na huduma za kujenga uwezo kwa asasi za kiraia (AZAKI) nchini Tanzania. FCS ilisajiliwa na kutambulika rasmi kama chombo kilichopo kisheria mnamo Septemba ya 2002 na ikaanza shughuli zake rasmi mnamo Januari 2003.

FCS inafanya kazi katika kuhakikisha kwamba asasi za kiraia Tanzania zinakuwa chachu kwenye michakato ya maendeleo yenye kulenga kuleta mabadiliko kwa wananchi huku ikizingatia haki za makundi maalum katika jamii kama: Watu wenye Ulemavu, Wanawake, Watoto, Vijana na jamii zilizopo pembezoni.


Tangu kuanzishwa kwake FCS imekua ikifanya kazi ya kuyajengea uwezo na kutoa ruzuku mbalimbali kwa mashirika ya Watu wenye Ulemavu ili kuhakikisha wanapaza sauti zao katika kudai na kupata haki, uwakilishi katika ngazi mbalimbali na huduma bora kama ilivyoainishwa katika Sheria ya Watu wenye Ulemavu (2010) na Mkataba wa Kimataifa wa Watu wenye Ulemavu (UNCRPD) wa mwaka 2006.


Sheria ya Watu wenye Ulemavu (2010) sambamba na masuala mengine inatoa fursa ya kupata taarifa, kulindwa na kushiriki au kushirikishwa katika masuala ya kawaida ya kijamii kwa Watu wenye Ulemavu sawa na watu wengine katika jamii. Aidha, sheria hiyo inabainisha umuhimu wa kutoa huduma za kijamii kwa uwazi na kuheshimu utu na uhuru wa kila mtu wakiwemo Watu wenye Ulemavu. Kwa mujibu wa sheria hiyo, vyombo vya umma vinatakiwa kuzingatia utoaji wa Huduma za Jamii kwa Watu wenye Ulemavu bila kuwabagua au kuwatenga. 

Watu wenye Uziwi ni miongoni mwa makundi haya na wanayo haki ya kuchangamana na watu wengine na kushirikishwa kikamilifu katika shughuli za jamii. Kadhalika, Viziwi wanayo haki ya kusikilizwa ipasavyo na kupata haki kutoka katika vyombo vya ulinzi na maamuzi hapa nchini.  

Hata hivyo kumekuwa na changamoto mbalimbali zinazozuia upatikanaji na ufikiwaji wa usawa katika huduma zinazotolewa na taasisi, vyombo vya ulinzi na usalama na vyombo vya maamuzi Tanzania. Miongoni mwa visababishi ni pamoja na mitazamo hasi kutoka kwa jamii kuhusu ulemavu na watu wenye ulemavu, kukosekana kwa miundombinu rafiki kwa Viziwi, kukosekana kwa wakalimani wenye ujuzi na uelewa duni wa Lugha ya Alama baina ya watendaji wa vyombo husika na Viziwi ambayo ni kiungo kikubwa cha mawasiliano baina ya Viziwi na watu wengine. 

Kwa kubaini changamoto hizo, FCS inakaribisha maombi ya ruzuku  kutoka katika Asasi za Kiraia za Viziwi na Vyama vya Viziwi, ambazo hazifungamani na Vyama vya Siasa, na hazitengenezi faida kutoka mikoa yote Tanzania kushiriki katika utekelezaji wa shughuli zinazolenga kuimarisha upatikanaji wa haki kwa viziwi kutoka katika vyombo vya ulinzi yaani Jeshi la Polisi, Magereza na Mahakama. 



3.1 Malengo makuu ya kutekeleza programu hii ni: 

  • Kuboresha mawasiliano kati ya Viziwi na watendaji katika Jeshi la Polisi, Magereza na Mahakama. 
  • Kuhakikisha kuwa vyombo vya ulinzi na maamuzi vinatenda haki kwa Viziwi. 

3.2 Matokeo yanayotarajiwa 

  • Kuongezeka kwa uelewa wa haki za Viziwi miongoni mwa watendaji wa Jeshi la Polisi, Magereza na Mahakama.
  • Kuongezeka kwa uelewa wa lugha ya alama miongoni mwa watendaji wa Jeshi la Polisi, Magereza na Mahakama.
  • Kuongezeka kwa kiwango cha utoaji haki kwa Viziwi nchini.
  • Kuanzishwa kwa dawati maalumu la walemavu (wakalimani) katika Jeshi la Polisi, Magereza na Mahakama. 

3.3 Shughuli zitakazofadhiliwa 

·       Shughuli zenye zenye tija na ubunifu wa namna makundi tajwa yatafikiwa ili kufanikisha malengo makuu ya wito huu. 

4.0 Kiwango cha ruzuku na Muda wa utekelezaji 

FCS itatoa kiwango kisichozidi shilingi milioni ishirini (20,000,000) kwa ajili ya kutekeleza mradi wa miezi  minane (8). 


5.0 Vigezo vitakavyo zingatiwa katika kuidhinisha miradi

Kigezo kikuu kitakachozingatiwa katika kuidhinisha na kuuthibitisha mradi wowote ili kupata ruzuku kutoka FCS ni baada ya kujiridhisha kwamba shughuli za mradi husika zinadhihirisha pasipo shaka kuwa zitawanufaisha (moja kwa moja au kwa njia nyingine) walengwa wa maombi haya kama ilivyobainishwa katika Malengo Makuu ya wito huu.

Vigezo vingine mahsusi ambavyo vitazingatiwa katika uidhinishaji wa mradi ni;

a)    Ni kwa jinsi gani shughuli zilizopangwa katika andiko la mradi zinaendana na malengo makuu ya programu kama ilivyoelezwa kwenye tangazo.

b)    Ni kwa jinsi gani utekelezaji wa andiko mradi unaweza kupimika na kuchangia katika kupelekea ufanisi na urahisishaji wa upatikanaji wa huduma na utendaji wa vyombo vya maamuzi na vyombo vya usalama. 

c)    Uwezo na ubunifu wa miradi yenye kuleta tija kwa gharama nafuu.

d)    Nafasi ya jamii, kama vile, uwakilishwaji na ushirikishwaji, kiwango cha uhusishwaji wa jamii katika kuandaa, kuitambua na kutekeleza miradi inayowahusu.

e)    Kwa jinsi gani mradi utaweza kuinufaisha jamii hadi katika ngazi ya chini kabisa kwa uthibitisho wa takwimu na ushahidi.

f)      Uwepo wa nyaraka zote muhimu zinazohitajika katika fomu ya maombi, zikiwemo fomu ya bao mantiki, mpango kazi, na bajeti, zinazopatikana kwenye tovuti ya Foundation.

Kumbuka:  Orodha ya mambo yote muhimu imeambatanishwa katika fomu mpya ya maombi.

5.0 Taasisi zinazoalikwa kuleta maombi 

Taasisi na Asasi za viziwi na Vyama vya Viziwi tu na zenye vigezo vinavyohitajika, zinaweza kushiriki katika utekelezaji wa programu hii. Tafadhali jaza fomu inayopatikana katika tovuti ya FCS; www.thefoundation-tz.org


6.0  Shughuli na Asasi ZISIZOLENGWA kupata ruzuku kutoka FCS


FCS itatoa ruzuku kwa Taasisi ambazo zimesajiliwa kufanya shughuli ambazo hazizalishi faida. Kama maelezo na ufafanuzi zaidi vitahitajika juu ya kigezo hiki, basi wasiliana na FCS kabla haujafanya maombi yako ya ruzuku.

FCS haitatoa ruzuku kwa:

·       Udhamini na ufadhili

·       Miradi au shughuli zitakazo fanyika nje ya Tanzania

·       Miradi au shughuli ambazo zimeshawahi kufanyika na kukamilika.

·       Miradi ambayo imekwisha wezeshwa ruzuku na mashirika mengine.

·       Kutumika kama Malipo ya ziada kwa wafanyakazi wanaolipwa na taasisi husika

·       Kipato cha mtaji kwa taasisi ndogondogo za fedha

·       Maombi toka kwa wataalamu wa ushauri au watunisha mifuko kwa niaba ya taasisi.

·       Watu binafsi

·       Vyama vya siasa

·       Miradi ambayo inalenga kuinufaisha dini/dhehebu Fulani, kabila Fulani au kikundi Fulani chenye mlengo wa kikabila.

·       Sekta binafsi (isipokuwa kama haipo kwa ajili ya manufaa ya kuzalisha faida)

·       Taasisi zenye madeni

·       Waendesha Semina, warsha, na mikutano  tu, isipokuwa kama ni sehemu ya shughuli zilizounganishwa na tokeo mahususi.

·       Gharama kubwa zisizo tarajiwa (dharura)

·       Utoaji wa huduma za jamii

·       Maombi ya mkakati wa ruzuku katika utekelezaji wa miradi ya UKIMWI




Foundation for Civil Society, ni asasi ya kiraia inayojitegemea kimamlaka. Tunayo sera ya  kuendesha shughuli zetu zote kwa uaminifu, kimaadili na uwazi. Katu hatuvumilii hongo na rushwa, kwani tumejitoa kuendesha mambo yetu kitaalamu, kwa haki, na uadilifu katika shughuli zetu na mahusiano yote. Kwa hiyo tunawasihi waombaji wote kufuata utaratibu uliowekwa wa kupata ruzuku kutoka FCS, kwa kutumia daima njia sahihi za mawasiliano. Ili kuwasiliana nasi, piga simu kupitia nambari+255 22 266 4890-2, simu ya mkononi  +255 754 005708 au barua pepe:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  


7.0  Tarehe ya mwisho ya kutuma maombi 


Maombi yote yaliyofanyiwa tafakari ya kina na mapendekezo ya miradi yaliyoandikwa vyema yanatakiwa yatumwe na kumfikia Mkurugenzi Mtendaji kabla ya saa 10.00 jioni mnamo tarehe 22 Januari, 2018. Maandiko ya miradi yatakayotumwa baada ya tarehe ya mwisho ya kutuma maombi hayatafikiriwa kwa ajili ya kupewa ruzuku na FCS.

8.0  Jinsi ya kutuma maombi


Andiko la mradi lililokamilika linatakiwa kuwasilishwa kwa nakala halisi (Hard Copy na  siyo kwa njia ya kielektroniki au kwa barua pepe). Kwa mantiki hiyo fomu zote zilizojazwa vizuri zinatakiwa kutumwa kupitia sanduku la barua/posta kwa anuani ifuatayo:


Kwa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji

Foundation for Civil Society

7 Madai Crescent, Ada Estate Plot Na. 154

S.L.B 7192

Dar es Salaam 


Simu ya mezani          +255 22 266 4890-2

Simu ya mkononi        +255 754 005708


Tovuti: www.thefoundation.or.tz  





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