What We Fund

 What do we fund?

Through the provision of grants, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) supports a wide variety of activities that are of particular relevance to the poor and vulnerable, and fall clearly into one of the following thematic areas.

(i) Participation in Policy Development and Implementation

The FCS supports projects and organisations that enable communities to be involved in developing, sharing and popularizing policies, policy monitoring and implementation.  The FCS supports projects that enable the civil society sector to contribute to enhance the capacity of citizens to effectively engage in policy processes so as to contribute towards poverty reduction initiatives and improve the quality of their lives.

Examples of activities likely to be supported under the Policy engagement include: Participatory poverty monitoring, which compares and contracts information on poverty and disseminates the findings widely; Planning within communities on how specific policy changes affect citizens’ livelihoods and how they might respond; Community participation in setting priorities for national policies and Raising public awareness on policy issues.


(ii) Enhancing Good Governance and Civic Rights

The FCS supports organisations that raise awareness of citizens’ rights of and the responsibilities of government; strengthen co-operation between organisations working on rights issues at local and national level, and increase access to justice for all Tanzanians.

The FCS funds projects that will contribute to enabling the government, public and private Institutions to be more transparent, accountable and respect rule of law and human rights. Specifically the FCS funds projects that will ensure that citizens are aware of their rights and responsibilities, able to demand accountability from public resources.

Examples of activities under the Governance and Accountability include: Public meetings on national policies; Radio programs on governance issues such as corruption; Participatory theatre to raise awareness on citizens’ rights; Training for civil society and local government leaders on changes in roles and responsibilities under local government reform. 


(iii) Civil Society Capacity Strengthening

The FCS supports Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to become effective pillars of change, achieve their intended objectives and play advocacy role for development priorities. We focus on development ofindividual organisations and networks so as to make the civil society sector visible and effective in bringing about positive social economic changes. As part of Civil Society capacity strengthening the FCS supports the existence of links amongst CSOs for information sharing and learning, and facilitate effective advocacy to take place.  The FCS seeks for a more creative, imaginative, effective, sustainable and accountable civil society sector, which effectively contributes to making lasting differences in the Tanzania development.  

Examples of activities under the Civil Society Capacity Strengthening include: CSO network strengthening; Capacity building of CSOs; Formations and support to district networks of CSOs; Training in policy analysis and advocacy for CSOs staff members.

 In all the above areas, relevance to the poor and vulnerable is essential. Creativity is highly encouraged. The FCS prefers projects that utilize approaches that reach out to the broader population, i.e. the use of mass media to ensure large numbers of citizens are targeted by the supported interventions.