CSO inspires formation of peace maintenance platform in Pemba

Barely a few weeks after receiving funds from the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) the North Pemba Association for Civil Society Organisations has inspired their locality in the formation of a peace maintenance platform.

Speaking during the support visit conducted by the FCS staff to the organisation in mid October, the project coordinator, Mr. Ally Jabir Khamis, said through their quick intervention the organisation has thus been instrumental in the formation of a 13-member committee, comprising of people from all walks of life in Wete, Pemba.

He said the peace maintenance platform in Wete is comprised of three local government officers, popularly known as Shehas, three religious leaders, three leaders from political parties and a total of four representatives from women, people with disability and the youths.

The North Pemba Association for CSOs is one among thirty civil society organisations in different parts of the country that have been supported by the FCS to conduct peace dialogues and peace maintenance councils, which are believed to be crucial during and after the electoral process in Tanzania.

FCS builds CSOs capacity on fundraising and proposal writing

In a bid to build the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) capacity in Tanzania, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) has yet again imparted skills to 34 other CSO members from different parts of the country to enhance their capacity in proposal writing and fundraising so as to enhance sustainability of local organisations.

Speaking in mid October on the sidelines of the tailor-made training conducted by the FCS in Dar es Salaam, Mr. John Richard from the Tanzania Economic Rival and Environmental Protection (TEREP) said, “I have gained enough knowledge on how to establish new relationship with development partners, as well as network with other stakeholders who are crucial for the development the sector. I am also happy to have gained tips on how to maintain the existing partnerships even after the expiry of our projects”, boasted Richard.

Richard also boasts to have gained new tools for embarking on resource mobilization for their local organisations.

For her part Ms. Grace Mbunda from Songea Women Movement and Development (SOWOMODE) said the practical examples and case studies done during a module on on proposal writing has enabled her come up with more tangible project proposals that can attract local as well as external support.

Mr. Daniel Mvella who was the training facilitator said the aim of the course was to enhance skills of participants on how to write quality project proposals based on different donors’ requirements, as well as getting knowledge of different approaches and tools for fundraising.

The training participants were introduced to other traditional ways of generating income to their CSOs, such as hosting dinners, marathons etc. 

FCS enhances conflict resolution skills to 36 local organisations

A total of 36 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from different parts of Tanzania have enhanced their skills on conflict resolution through the tailor-made training offered in Dar es Salaam by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in mid October 2015. 

Speaking after the training, Kenneth Maseti from Umoja wa Vijana wa Kuelimisha na Kusaidiana Mbega (UVIKITU) said, “before the training I did not know how to take better precautions and mitigate sources of conflicts. But following this training I have been able to understand key indicators of conflicts and how to manage the process.”

“I have also known ways to resolve conflicts occurring in our organisations and communities through reconciliation, judicial procedures and even by empowering the available local conflict resolution committees”, added Maseti.

For his part, Felix Nyitema, from Community Development Initiative Support Organisation (CODISO) said the training will be beneficial towards maintaining peaceful co-existence within local organisations in the sector.

“We have witnessed internal conflicts occurring in our local organisations from time to time. I for one will use the tools acquired in this training to mitigate any disputes in our local organisations to ensure our sustainability.

The training facilitator, Mr. Daniel Lema, however emphasized on the need for CSO members to understand how to deal with any type of conflicts that may arise in communities. He was also of the view that the training module is key in identifying types and sources of conflicts, ways of resolving conflicts and the effects of conflicts.

People with disabilities advised to fully engage in upcoming General elections

People with Disabilities (PwDs) have been advised to engage fully as well as champion for wider participation in the upcoming Tanzania General elections slated for the end of October this year.

Giving his remarks at the official opening of the fourth disability forum held in Dar es Salaam from 9-10 September, the Executive Director of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) Mr. Francis Kiwanga asked over 139 PwDs present in the forum to be good ambassadors of spreading the word for an increased voter turn out when the later go back to their communities.

He was also of the view that it is important every citizen including the special groups collectively engage to in such a crucial democratic process in the country that only comes after five year’s circle.

“When we engage in elections, we participate in shaping up the destiny of our country. For this reason I even urge you to be good ambassadors for wider participation once you go back to your communities, so that in this year’s election we get to surpass the meagre 43% voter turn out that was recorded in the 2010 elections,” he said.

Mr. Kiwanga, noted that due to previous efforts done by the FCS and other players, including civic education and introduction of persons with disabilities Act, this year will see an increased participation of the group in the elections.

The theme for this year’s disability forum was on “increasing the PwDs engagement in the upcoming General Elections in October”. Over 130 people with disability attended the forum organised by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

People with visual impairment want education on use of tactile ballot papers

People with visual impairment have demanded authorities in Tanzania to ensure that their group is facilitated with thorough education on the use of tactile ballot papers ahead of the General elections slated for October 25 this year.

This follows news of assurance to them that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has already responded to their demand of making ‘tactile ballot’ papers available at polling centers on the election day.

Over 130 people with disabilities met at a Persons’ with Disability forum organized by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in Dar es Salaam from 9-10 September to discuss how to strengthen their participation ahead of the October 25 polls.

This is the first time NEC introduces the special ballot papers for the visually impaired persons. In past elections, they were assisted to vote by relatives or friends, whom they say sometimes, misguided them to vote for candidates not of their choice.

Speaking at the forum the secretary general of Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations (Shivyawata) Mr Felician Mkude said, “Before the end of September, NEC will provide samples of tactile ballot papers for us to start practicing before October elections.”

At the moment, Shivyawata is working with the NEC to map mapping areas where the visually impaired people will vote so that the papers could be allocated and distributed accordingly.

Meanwhile, people with hearing impairment in Tanzania have demanded authorities including the National Electoral Commission (NEC), political parties and other stakeholders to ensure that sign language translation services are made available to them during Presidential campaign trails and on the final day of election results declaration.

The plea is part of their resolutions made at the fourth Persons with Disabilities’ forum organized by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) in Dar es Salaam from 9-10 September to discuss how to strengthen the special group’s participation in the October 2015 elections.

“We would want sign language translation services during all presidential campaign trails and on the final day when election results are declared, such that we too are not left behind,” read part of their forum’s resolution.

The people with hearing impairment also requested the FCS, as their long term partner, to facilitate for them yet another meeting soon or later after the general elections so that the former are able to evaluate their participation in the key democratic process.



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