The disabled in Urambo decry lack of access to education

More than ninety percent of the disabled in Urambo district, Tabora region are illiterate due to lack of the necessary opportunities and suitable learning environment for them.

Urambo district has more than 900 disabled people where 860 of them are proven illiterate.

Speaking at a training workshop organized by the Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) through funds form the Foundation for Civil Society, the TLB Urambo district chair, Mr. Daniel Mwita said illiteracy has condemned most of the disabled persons to social poverty and hardships.

While opening the training, the district council lawyer Mr. Noel Ndallu said that the government values the welfare of people with disabilities and that’s why it is trying very hard to build basic infrastructures that will cater for the needs of the special group.

In their statement read by the TLB assistant chair in the district, Mr. Focus Magwesela, the people with disabilities said they have a workable plan to help out in the development of the country since they too are capable of participating in development processes.

Magwesela said despite of their disabilities they have the right to access education as well as other important basic needs - similarly to other able-bodied persons.

The two-day training brought together people with different disabilities in the district.

FCS supports training on the 2006 UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disability

The people with disability in the country have been urged to participate in all development processes that are in line with their limits of capabilities.

Speaking at a two-day training workshop held at Ifakara township in Kilombero, chair of Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) Greyson Mlanga has said it is better the people with disability participate in development processes so as to rid the community with a stereotype that the people with disability are mere beggars.

Mlanga said cooperation amongst people with disability associations is the only way to make a breakthrough in life. He also emphasized on the attainment of correct records of people with disability so as to help their course and development.

In the training that brought together various stakeholders – including district council members, coordinators and representatives of people with disability associations, Mlanga took the opportunity to explain on the importance of helping the entire community to understand and respect the rights of people with disability in accordance to the UN convention.

The training was organised by TLB in Kilombero and has impacted stakeholders from Ifakara, Kibaoni, Kiberege and Kisawasawa wards through funds from the Foundation for Civil Society.



CSOS in Morogoro appreciate the Contribution by FCS

Civil societies in Morogoro region have appreciated the contribution made by the Foundation for Civil Societies (FCS) in enabling citizens to facilitate their efforts in monitoring development activities in their communities.

This was said by the secretary of Kijogoo Group for Community Development, Mr. Ramadhan Said, with regard to the contribution made by the Civil Society Organisations in bringing about development change in different sectors within the country.

He added that different Civil Society Organisations that are being funded by the FCS have been able to identify problems that are in their communities, put them forward and consult the government based on their baseline surveys.

Mr. Ramadhan said his organisation is one of FCS grantees that have so far implemented different projects that reach out the local community.

The education provided helps the community to understand the importance of monitoring their projects as well as the use of the resources in their communities said Mr. Ramadhani.

He argued that the citizens did not have the basic knowledge of making follow-ups on the use of public resources directed to different development projects in their communities, whereas for now the citizens have realized and managed to monitor the development projects efficiently.

FCS conducts joint monitoring tour of projects in Mwanza region


The joint monitoring tour of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) projects is under way in Mwanza region from 31th -4th April 2014. This time around participants of the joint tour of projects comprise of some FCS Board of Directors, the Management and representatives from the FCS Development Partners and the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children. The Development Partners represented are the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC).

The joint visit is normally prepared to enable the Development Partners get a feel of projects being implemented by the FCS through their basket funding.

While at Kikundi cha Mila na Desturi Ukerewe (KIMIDEU) the visiting team was especially able to hear of the achievements registered by the organisation in reducing the widespread and negative traditional practice of ‘purifying’ widows and widowers after the death of their loved ones.

Board Chair of the ourganisation, Mr. Makubi Makubi had earlier told the visiting team that from the information collected by his organisation among 200 couples in the district, 60 of them had actually been indulging in practices of ‘purification’ of widows and widowers - for fear of being excommunicated by their ritual-obeying communities. But through the training and public dialogues conducted under the FCS funded project the organisation has enabled a bigger majority of married couples in the district shunning the outdated tradition which has in fact led to widespread of HIV/AIDS and the related.

CSOs argued to train communities on Good Governance

Civil Society Organisations in Ruvuma region have been requested to train community members on good governance and monitor the implementation of the Public Procurement Act in the periphery areas that are economically poor and have unsound governance – leading to the intimidation of the people. This call was made by Mkongotema Ward Executive Officer, Polycarp Malekela when opening a training workshop on Good Governance and monitoring of the Procurement Act to 50 participants conducted at Mkongotema by Youth Cultural and Women Development Centre (YOCUWODE) through funds from The Foundation for Civil Society.

The training coordinator, Margreth Melkion, said that the training had targeted six wards whereas four wards have already been covered at Peramiho and Maposeni centers - with 100 people reached by the training - involving both ordinary people as well as village and ward leaders.

“The training is conducted following the realization of challenges facing the community on the ignorance of the Procurement Act and the ongoing corruption acts that resulted to the Songea District Council getting unqualified opinion,” she said and added that there is a need for the community to be trained and getting the knowledge so as to protect the country’s resources from being plundered by the corrupt officials


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