FCS conducts Joint Monitoring Visit (JMV) in Mbeya region

A courtesy call at the Kyela District Commissioner during JMV

This year, Foundation for Civil Society continued with its tradition of engaging its key stakeholders in the Joint Monitoring Visit by heading to the Southern Highland region of Mbeya. This round of the JMV was held in 23-25 October, 2017 and involved FCS Board, Development Partners (DPs) delegates, government representative and team from FCS.

The visitors had opportunity to engage with FCS grantees (project implementers), community leaders and local government officials in their respective districts. In each visited project, there is a notable strong collaboration and technical backstopping from relevant government technical officials, particularly in:

1.       Facilitating delivery of crucial services to children with disability.

2.       Building capacities of regional civil society organisations (CSOs) network.

3.       Empowering people living with HIV (PLWH).

4.       Improvement of public service delivery in education and health sectors.


Visited grantees

JMV delegation visiting Child Support Tanzania centre in Mbeya

Child Support Tanzania: Promoting all inclusive education for children with disability in Mbeya

CST is a CSO registered in 2008 that among its work, runs the CST Inclusive School, a centre dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for critical early year learning and development to most vulnerable children in Mbeya region. The School, under a 6month project called Take All My Friends To School, is founded on the belief that all children have potential no matter their social and economic background. It works to improve the quality of Inclusive Education for children with disabilities, promotes community attitudinal change towards this and facilitates improvement of capacity of district level government officials to deliver Inclusive Education.

The project targets children with disability and their parents, about 120 teachers and relevant local government officials at all levels in the region and districts involved.

Mbeya NGO Network (MBENGONET): An umbrella for the civil society in the region

MBENGONET is a civil society organisations (CSOs) network for Mbeya region representing eight members from Kyela (KYENGONET), Mbarali (USANGONET), Rungwe (RONGONET), Mbeya Urban (MBECINGONET), Mbozi (MNN), Ileje (ILENGONET), Chunya (CHUNGONET) and Mbeya Rural (MBEDINGONET). The network implements a project on improvement of service delivery on education and health sectors with activities including providing training to various CSO sector stakeholders in the region, hosting forums in every district on improvement of service delivery on the focus sectors and providing public education and awareness campaigns through community radios in the districts.

Jitambue Lembuka Tanzania: Promoting good governance in Kyela district

JLT is a CSO based in Kyela district with 10 members and their main focus is social and development work on poverty eradication, consultancy, social actions, peer education and awareness on issues of social services such as health, environment protection and agriculture. For year 2016, JLT was funded by Foundation on their project on social accountability monitoring and improvement in the health sector in Ipinda, Mwaya, Lusungo, Matema, Kyela, Itope, Ipande and Ngana wards.

Tumaini WAVIU Network: Promoting sexual and reproductive health education to students and pupils 

This is a network established in 2006 to bring together people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Kyela district, Mbeya region. The CSO also works in areas of fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty, women, girls and youth empowerment as well as rights for people with disability. Foundation facilitated their project focusing on improvement of service delivery in education and health for girls in primary and secondary schools.

Mbeya HIV/AIDS Network Tanzania: Taking youth empowerment to the grassroots 

Mbeya HIVAIDS/Network Tanzania (MHNT) is a network with 26 members and focuses on community centered approaches to HIV prevention, CBHTC, HTC, TB and Cervical cancer screening services in the region. Its members cover Districts of Mbeya and Songwe regions namely Mbeya City, Mbeya District Council, Rugwe, Busokelo, Kyela, Mbozi, Momba, Mbarali, Chunya and Ileje. It has outreach of 162 Wards out of 218 Wards which represent 74% coverage of the two regions.


MHNT works with the Foundation for Civil Society through a project focusing on Creating youth platform and conducive environment for developmental discussions among youth and holding government accountable in 5 Wards of Mbeya Rural district in Mbeya Region. The project was implemented from 1st October 2016 to 30th March 2017. 


A vote of thanks for JMV delegation

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