Wote Sawa: Respect CDWs contribution

The community is advised to be more responsible in handling issues facing Child Domestic Workers (CDWs) by respecting their contribution in the society.

This advice was provided by the Executive Director for Wote Sawa Young Domestic Workers Organisation, a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) based in Mwanza that implemented a unique project titled “Creating a Free Community from Gender Based Violence and Harmful Traditions” that focused on CDWs rights in Nyamagana District.

Ms. Angela Benedicto said her organization has managed to engage 350 people: 154 CDWs, 155 employers, and 41 members of the Local Government Authority (LGA).

“During the inception of our project some employers thought this project wanted to create difficult conditions on their side, but after implementing it, they have realized that CDWs have a great role in the community hence need to be protected and respected,” she said.

Ms. Angela said she had a dream of bringing change in how the community treats CDWs after her experience working as a domestic worker in her childhood. “I thought I would have a role to play to stop offensive behavior to CDWs and through this project we have played our part,” she said while thanking FCS for funding that project.

Wote Sawa was visited during the Joint Monitoring Visit prepared by FCS to grantees based in Mwanza.  Through this visit, it was learnt that the organization has managed to identify and recruit Child Domestic Workers and train them on their rights and responsibilities. The organization also rescued and provided temporary shelter to CDWs and managed to reunify others with their families.

“You are doing a great job and your interventions have made us learn a lot,” said Mr. Stephen Shayo, an FCS Board Member, during the visit.

This project was implemented in Nyamagana District in four wards, namely: Nyamanoro, Igogo, Mkuyuni, and Butimba. They have managed to form two school clubs and four advisory committees.  To encourage reporting of incidents of abuse, the organization has registered a free Hotline number, 0800710066, through which they had received 45 cases of abuse up until the time of the visit.

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