Deputy Minister Possi graces the 5th Conference for Disabled in Dar


Deputy State Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Dr. Abdallah Possi has graced the 5th Conference for peoples with disabilities, the conference facilitated by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), at Blue Pearl Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Dr. Possi mentioned that, the government of Tanzania recognizes and appreciates with the contribution that people with disabilities offer in the country, and he further added that, the government is aware with challenges facing disabled in Tanzania and the 2010 Law passed by the parliament special for handling and supervising issues facing Tanzanians with disabilities, is a key towards bringing changes in lives of Tanzanian disabled. He added that, all citizens in Tanzania have equal share and they deserve rights and justice including peoples with disabilities.

The Deputy Minister explained that, people with disabilities face different challenges and the government has analyzed them and it handles them with special priorities.

Speaking before the Deputy Minister, The Executive Director for The Foundation for Civil Society, Francis Kiwanga said the FCS after recognizing the need to capacitate peoples with disabilities in Tanzania; it decided to facilitate the 5th Disabled Conference aiming at bringing changes in lives of disabled Tanzanians.

I am taking this opportunity to send my regards through you, Honorable Deputy Minister, to the government of Tanzania in regard to our acknowledgment on the good work the government is doing specifically in combating corruption. We are also appreciating changes that are taking place in service delivery in the country,” Mr. Kiwanga said and added that:

The Foundation for Civil Society after analyzing rights for peoples with disabilities, and the nature of living in in the country, it urges the government to be closer with this special group, in order to ensure them the rights to live.

This two day conference was attended by 150 members from Tanzania Mainland and the Isles. The significant message was the recognition and implementation of the 2010 Disabled Law, in relation with building equal society.



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