CSOs called upon to reposition themselves to attract resources

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania have been urged to strongly reposition themselves starting from their internal management systems so as to command public sympathy enough to attract resources from local philanthropists and other donors.

The remarks was made in mid April by a local consultant in the area of philanthropy, Mr. Benjamin Mtesigwa when presenting a paper on ‘Mobilizing Private Local Resources for Development’ at a workshop coordinated by The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and the East African Association of Grant-makers (EAAG) in Dar es Salaam. 

He said, the core attribute so much needed in strengthening the internal capacity of CSOs so as to attract resources is through a well-defined strategic intent of the organization, which clearly states the goals, values, mission and vision enough to hold themselves accountable for.

“Having a well-defined strategic plan is key in determining resource mobilization. It clearly helps to outline resource needs and how much is needed, as well as what strategy is ideal in the resource mobilization,” he said.

He also urged CSOs to repackage their value propositions, detailing their linkages with the existing community needs. He also said organisations’ key messages and success stories are key in targeting the right audience and media.

For her part, Ms. Philomena Modu from the Women’s Fund Tanzania urged CSOs not to be so much carried away with resources mobilization at the expense of their own organizational strategic plans and the communities whom they are accountable for.








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