‘Community radios’ contents and relevance rests on CSOs’

While outlining basic criteria for the existence of community radios in Tanzania, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) regards the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as better equipped to shape the content and relevance of the community radios.

Speaking on 12 February in Dar es Salaam at an event organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ahead of the official commemoration of the World Radio Day on 13 February, the TCRA Principal Broadcasting Affairs officer, Eng. Andrew Kisaka, put the CSOs at a centre stage of complementing the contents and relevance of the community radios since they too work in communities.

Eng. Kisaka said despite the country having a list of 118 registered community radios across the country it is only a handful of them that really walk the talk to serve their own geographical and community interests – and hence indirectly called upon CSOs to step up and restore the equilibrium by injecting their communal based contents into the radios. 

Thus, by rule of the game CSOs are all but invited to influence contents used in the community radios for mutual interests, as well as ensure complementation of each other.

“One of the principle criteria for the registration of a community radio is to be operated, owned and influenced by the community that it purports to be serving,” said Eng. Kisaka depicting clearly that CSOs have a greater opportunity to promote their work in the form of radio contents, and therefore restore the needed community ownership in the community radios.

However, according to other criteria, community radios have to be non-profit, promote innovation and development in the community concerned, hence CSOs are more than well equipped to grab the opportunity and contribute their contents - full of their success stories - in a more cost effective manner. 


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