FCS funded training helps CSO to come up with active members

Our grantee, the Bagamoyo Youth Information Centre (BAYOICE) is now proud to have acquired more active members at its disposal. Thanks to a training program on strengthening the institutional capacity of the organisation, leading to the conversion of some ‘sluggish’ members into active beings. The training was funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS).

BAYOICE is led by youths with an objective of expanding economic opportunities and improve mechanisms for social services delivery so as to contribute in the fight against poverty and in turn increase the income among the citizens of Bagamoyo district.

BAYOICE is based at Magomeni division, Bagamoyo district in Pwani region, and the organization focuses on helping the society to overcome the diverse challenges that hinder community development.

Speaking of the training, BAYOICE chairperson, Ally Juma, says: “The training has brought big impacts to our organisation and enabled our members to realize their potentials and responsibilities and therefore improve on each one’s efficiency unlike before”.

He says, in the past most of the organisation members could not volunteer in doing activities for helping the community unless they are given allowances.

Regardless of working with the local government leaders and officials through the district council, Juma says they have also involved private institutions, secondary and primary schools in providing different training education following the challenges facing the community.

Josephine Jonas, a member of the organisation says, “I have acquired project writing skills from the training, and now I am able to write project proposals s without depending on the leaders”.

She adds: “I’m now aware of the youth development policy especially on the section that speaks up for the youths and can now fulfill my responsibilities as a youth towards development processes.

However, Juma says the training has helped members of the organisation to come up with project ideas and therefore helped to overcome various social challenges including paying their office rent, electricity bills and transportation fares when attending training seminars in rural areas without depending on funds from the FCS.

He says organisation members have now been contributing some money towards sustainability of their organisation, which in turn helps to cater for children living in difficult conditions.

The organisation has also been able to manage its own future direction since it is now capacitated to develop its own strategic plan, and above all the members are now able to use that opportunity to prepare new work plans without waiting for a facilitator from elsewhere.

Latifa Rashidi is among the members that have benefited from the training and she says: “it was difficult for me to stand up and speak in public, but now I am more confident to give my valued opinions.”

She adds that for now the organisation has the ability to perform its activities without even being constrained by the members asking for allowances. The training has helped her to realize her responsibilities and putting forward the interests of the community first, bearing in mind the accountability values.

Joseph Peter, another member of the organisation, says the training has helped them to solve their possible differences and eliminate any chances of conflict indicators, especially when some members appear to be losing track and fail to work accordingly.

The organisation has been able to be closer to the society since its members have realized and improved the communication with the surrounding community and convince new members to join by volunteering.

Dorisi Kalemwa who is a member of the organisation says the training has influenced her to share the knowledge to other fellow youths who did not get the opportunity like hers.

BAYOICE is now away from critics of being run by a few individuals and has arguably become a collective organisation. Salama Kassimu who has also benefited from the training says: “The training has helped us to have a better understanding on running of the affairs of the organisation, as opposed to a situation in the past where we solely depended on a few leaders to mastermind everything on our behalf. Right now the notion of being active members is manifested within us.”

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