Fahad Al Tamimi's 'Small Is Beautiful' Challenge

Fahad Al Tamimi's 'Small Is Beautiful' Challenge

As one of the leading designers in architecture, Fahad Al Tamimi is accountable for a handful of Europe's most attractive structures. Commanding a staff of professional architects, Fahad Al Tamimi has numerous projects on his resume that demonstrate his devotion to outstanding design.

Fahad Al Tamimi spent his childhood in London, having relocated from Dubai with his family when he was very little. His ability for art grew as he progressed through his art and design lessons in school, and he went on to get nationwide accolades in acknowledgment of his designs. He additionally organised installations at a number of well known UK art galleries.

Fahad Al Tamimi wished to advance into architectural design, influenced by the multitude of styles which can be noticed in the London sky line.

Since he had outstanding coaching when embarking on his own career in architecture, Fahad Al Tamimi has launched the 'Small is Beautiful' contest, which boasts as first prize a 6 month internship in the Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture firm. In second position is a coupon for a short design course, developed to give budding architectural designers an idea of the theory powering creating buildings; and in 3rd place, the reward is a lovely sculpture designed by Fahad Al Tamimi himself.

The contest advocates one specific principle that Fahad Al Tamimi reveres: that of preserving nature by utilising city places with smart, ingenious designs. By asking competition entrants to choose a modest space approximately the size of a shipping container, he is provoking prospective architects to design something unique in a restricted area. A small area - no bigger than 2.59 metres high, 2.43 metres wide and 6.05 metres in length - pushes architects of all experience to come up with a sufficient design that makes the most of the minimized area, while making an impact.

The competition, Fahad Al Tamimi hopes, would encourage a young unknown designer who can really benefit from the tuition of a knowledgeable architect and the experience of working for an architectural company. Open to college students and recent graduates, it clears the way for those enthusiastic about a future in architecture to be involved in an award winning agency and to experience dealing with actual clients.

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