The Board Of Directors


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the second principle organ of the Foundation. It is a Governing Board providing regular oversight of the activities of the Foundation. The Board’s roles include: approving any changes to the structure of the Foundation, approving higher level policy and changes or additions to high level rules, regulations and procedures of the Foundation, providing final approval of annual plans and budgets for endorsement at the AGM, review of annual reports for approval by the AGM, review and discussion of the financial report with the auditors and presenting audited financial statements for approval by the AGM; and, the recruitment and performance management of the Executive Director. Current Board of Directors are: Prof. Prosper Ngowi(Chairperson); Ms. Margaret Chacha (Director); Mr. Stephen Shayo (Director); Dr. Ayoub Rioba (Director), Mr. Sosthenes Sambua(Director) and Ms. Nesia Mahenge (Director).


Prof.Prosper Ngowi - Chairperson


Dr. Ayoub Ryoba- Director

Ms. Margaret Chacha - Director

Mr. Stephen Shayo - Director

Mr. Sosthenes Sambua- Director

Nesia Mahenge- Director


Mr. Francis Kiwanga
Secretary of the Board